Ultrabright, close to being deaf 24.07.2007

Jan Adriaans


To lay a wall with whistling sounds, the whistling sounds you here just before going deaf.


Certain spaces live their own lives in your memory or in your dreams, because you never ever go there anymore or they are teared down. In this exhibiton I’m freezing a certain interior in it’s time, allthough the space seem live again in a more fictional way, as an after-image of a space. The wall surfaces seem to break loose from the building construction.


Surfaces seem to be time related. It’s like the interior needs to be newly dressed once in a while, to fit in with the rest of the interiors known to the owner. The space is taking a pose, almost like a human pose. These poses are only working for a certain period of time, after that you look at it through the glasses of actuality, and the meaning and impact has changed.


Jan Adriaans - Ultrabright, close to being deaf


If city-areas are totaly teared down to the ground, a part of the collective memory is disappearing. What stays are stories and pictures ( a picture as a time product, and archiving medium). These stories and pictures are part of very selective way of preserving the past. In a city where the esthetic standards are only clean antique and hypermodern, other periods and shapes are washed away. What stays is this selective memory, which is transmitted to fantasy and exaggeration. I place photography and spacial installation with sound next to eachother, to question the physical and the represented space and perspective, and the pysical and represented qualities of the materials.


Jan Adriaans - Ultrabright, close to being deaf

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