(Un)easy Together 06.12.2009

David Ferrando Giraut, Perpetuum Mobile (2008)

Opening: 6 December 16.00h, at 16.30h a performance by Theo Cowley

Exhibition: Sunday 6 December - Sunday 31 January
Open: Friday - Sunday 13h-17h
(or by appointment, mail to:
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Theo Cowley, Laurent David, David Ferrando-Giraut, Norbert Grunschel, 

Andrew Hollis, Barbara Lambert, Marlieke Meyer, Olga Raciborska,  

Hannes Ribarits, Marthe Sophie and others. 



Curated by Agata Jastrzabek


(side programme to be announced by newsletter)

(Un)easy together
is a gathering of  works produced in different contexts for different reasons.
It deals with a number of artistic conflicts and shows artworks' possibility for negotiation and coexistence.
Non-commissioned artworks of different backgrounds entered common space in order to escape the action of fitting one
element to another and rather to create a situation close to natural & ordinary.
Each artist on its own develops his own artistic language with different sets of rules, vocabulary, constraints.
This might be a reason for an uneasy situation.

Theo Cowley treats body movements as abstract forms. Laurent David, through his repetitive and highly constrained
painterly practice, seems to question the interdependence between wall, paper and paint.
David Ferrando Giraut literally makes the moment last in his Road Movie - Perpetuum Mobile (2008).
An openly constructed moving image of a car accident. Norbert Grunschel’s truly diverse works translate
his personal memories and emotions into the language of modernist past. Marlieke Meyer's objects are
created to serve a dreamy purpose. Her poetic work titled De geborgenheid van de slaap (2007), a seriously
constructed plaster ball placed on a steel pile, is a spot where resting faces can be watched.
Andrew Hollis' conceptual paintings explore the illusionary nature of an image and flattening of reality
through his simultaneous creation and destruction of that illusion. Olga Raciborska intuitively investigates formal
qualities of a painting. She is interested in the very moment when a painting ceases to be figurative and becomes
abstract. Marthe Sophie's sound-video work Happiness (2008) treats happiness as a curious state of being.
In this piece an opera singer is singing Henry Purcell's Ode on St Cecilia Day in the sea. St Cecilia was singing to
God while dying, or dying while singing. The sound works of Barbara Lambert are exploring the uneasiness
between nature and a musical instrument. Her artistic investigation of the oxymoronic relation between the notion
of an artefact and organic sounds seems to find a possibility for symbiosis. Hannes Ribarits' portrays the hypothetical war happening around us now.

Andrew Hollis, Mountain with Concrete Object (2009)

The heterogeneous selection of works happened intuitively aiming at presenting different artistic messages
expressed via various mediums but ones that have the potential to communicate beyond the obvious.

Agata Jastrzabek