Enlever et Entretenir I 14.10.2010
Eleni Kamma

Opening: Friday the 5th November 2010 at 18.00h
Sat 6 November - Sun 5 December 2010 
Friday - Sunday 13h-17h (or by appointment, mail to:
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In her books, drawings and videos, Eleni Kamma investigates possibilities for a future architecture that rejects binary oppositional systems of thought and accepts rather than tolerates “other” positions.
Her interest lies in narrative representations of transformation.


Kamma’s practice is informed by the inherent gaps and contradictions within existing cultural narratives and structures. These gaps or contradictions concern issues of memory, authenticity and identity. They often take the form of real objects or stories that are constituted as stereotypes through omission of their actual history. By revisiting systems of classification and strategies of description and taxonomy, Kamma examines the relation of the cliché, the banal and the stereotype, to the formation of history and the production of meaning. Through her work, two things unfold at the same time; a direct exploration of the spatial in-between through reflection on space itself, but also the “appearance” of an object that suggests an in-between space. Through the continuous reconstitution of space and the constant re-construction of the object’s fragmented, edited, copied and pasted, repeated and replaced historical, etymological or representational descriptions and values, the formation, distribution and division of knowledge and experience are called into question. Her recent body of work examines how can words and images co-exist and create meaning by disrupting it; make sense by seemingly letting meaning collapse.


Kamma (Athens, Greece, 1973) is Post-Graduate Fine Art Research participant at the Jan van Eyck Academie. Recently she published the book Enlever et Entretenir, that forms the starting point of her eponymous exhibition in Hedah.