PLAY - Jean-Pascal Flavien 04.05.2011


Wednesday 11 May


15:00 – performance PLAY at Hedah (Sint Nicolaasstraat 2)








Jean-Pascal Flavien will present the performance PLAY in the space dedicated to Matt Mullican’s project In residence at Hedah.

Jean-Pascal Flavien is a Berlin-based artist who combines architectural experiment, book publishing and performance with other media, such as video, drawing, installation and sculpture.

PLAY is a performance project that has been developed in the context of No Drama House, a work currently presented in the courtyard of galerie Giti Nourbakhsch in Berlin. For the first performance of PLAY, Flavien has moved the furniture of the house to Mullican’s exhibition space. Flavien will be arranging furniture as well as words, texts, readings and other moments. At Hedah PLAY appears as an extension of the house and a temporary change of address. It is PLAY, but not a play.

19:00 – lecture at Jan Van Eyck academie (Academieplein 1, Maastricht)

Jean-Pascal Flavien will give a lecture on the three houses that he has been building and working on for the last four years: The ViewerNo Drama House and Two Persons House.

He will also discuss his performance PLAY at Hedah in conversation with Vanessa Desclaux.