Through a Glass Darkly 19.08.2011

Paul Geelen en Jasper Coppes

Paul Geelen 

Jasper Coppes



19 August - 28 August 2011

Opening | Friday 19 August, 21.00h
Finnisage | Sunday 28 August, 15.00h with cake. 


This time we present the works of two artists who have been working in collaboration with each other for two months at the hedah space.  The art works of Paul Geelen and Jasper Coppes (JVE) actually seem to have nothing in common. By accident, however, they discovered an essential similarity; the interest in so-called nullities (nietigheden). Coppes searches for messages or meanings hidden in seemingly trivial (nietsig) things claiming that they communicate something to us. Geelen investigates perceivingly void exposition spaces trying to create a story out of null (nietsig) things located within the room. 
Together they seek to answer what it means to expose.