Daniel G. Baird & Haseeb Ahmed 30.03.2013

Talks, Workshops and Exhibition

Text-based art and performance from Lahore, Pakistan

Fri 24 May, Sat 25 May, Sun 26 May - 13.00h-17.00h
Fri 31 May, Sat 1 June, Sun 2 June - 13.00h-17.00h

"Under the cover of darkness or masquerading as architectural conservators, artists Daniel G. Baird and Haseeb Ahmed  collect fragments of architectural, ornamental and natural formations from around the world. They make molds on-site directly from their chosen objects. These disparate fragments are then reconciled to construct a single ‘universalized space’. For Baird and Ahmed, these installations become ‘reverse site-specific’.

For their project at Hedah, the artists create a single artwork that extends across half the world. The work at Hedah is a distorted mirror of a simultaneous installation on show at Roots and Culture Contemporary Art Center in Chicago (USA). During the 2 month period Haseeb Ahmed and Daniel Baird will experiment within Hedah to bind these two distant sites together. Many of these experiments will be collaborations including sound artist Marc Matter (DE), photographer Jeff Weber (DE), and visual artist Adrien Lucca (FR). Each experiment will be punctuated by public moments and a final installation.

The exhibition will feature a series of public talks from geneticists, evolutionary biologists, critics, writers, and artists.  An open workshop in collaboration with the FabLab Zuid-Limburg will also be arranged on using 3D modeling and 3D printing in which a sculpture can be a digital file. This will be the fourth iteration of this collaborative project between the artists."

For more information about the program, check the site www.hedah.nl