Colabs #3 2014

Colabs #3 2014

Opening: vrijdag 13 juni 2014, 17:00 uur

Deelnemede kunstenaars:
Emile Hermans
Gladys Zeevaarders
Jan Rischke
Sabine Huzikiewiz

Bea Otto

3 May – 1 June 2014
Opening | Saturday 3 May 18:00h
Finissage | Sunday 1 June 12:00h

Sint Nicolaasstraat 7, Maastricht
Open | Friday - Sunday, 13h - 17h

Bea Otto´s works directly refer to the site. Her laconic and precise interventions question and transform the
space. The borders between interior and exterior are shifted, passages are blocked and openings created.
Threshold situations, paradoxical and ambivalent moments, ruptures develop. Barrenness expands.

A temporary and fragile moment is inherent in the often provisional materials and objects trouvé but is shifted
and located through their precise positioning and processing. The works sway between genuine and artificial,
strange and familiar, place and picture. They describe a transitory space that keeps on moving.

Hallo Apollo , Bonjour Διόνυσος

Maarten Van Roy


30 March – 20 April 2014

Opening | 29 March 2014 19:00 pm

Fri-Sat-Sun 1pm - 5pm
Hedah | Sint Nicolaasstraat 7 | Maastricht

With presentation of the book Sc/kULPTUREN by Maarten Van Roy
and Darling Publications and contributions by Lukas Marxt and René Haustein.


Colabs /// Period #2

3 March – 14 March 2014

Public moment:
Friday 14 – 3 – 2014
17:00 – 21:00


Felix Dorer
Stef van den Dungen
Niklas Fischer
Isabel Glapa


COLABS is a collaborative exchange project between fine art students from Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands

Three groups consisting of four participants from various academies will work at Hedah for a period of two weeks. Different artists and curators will visit each group to give feedback and stimulate dialogue.

This project has been developed out of the structural collaboration between Hedah and the Fine Art Academy Maastricht (ABKM), department Fine Arts. According to the participants wish to not only exchange works and exhibit together, but to actually work with each other. Working at Hedah is considered more of an experimental situation instead of pushing an exhibition, even though a working period might eventually result in an exhibition of course.



Colabs was made possible by the support of the ABK Maastricht and the Gemeente Maastricht.

Some Profound Misunderstanding at the Heart of What Is

Some Profound Misunderstanding at the Heart of What Is
Research exhibition curated by the Jan Van Eyck Moving Images of Speculation Inlab, taking place at the Hedah Contemporary Art Space and the Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht

Exhibition January 17 until February 23
Fri-Sat-Sun 1pm - 5pm
Hedah | Sint Nicolaasstraat 7 | Maastricht
Marcel Dickhage | Zachary Formwalt | Jan Hoeft | Julia Kul | Valle Medina | Rachel O’Reilly | Benjamin Reynolds | Cathleen Schuster | Vijai Patchineelam | Jelena Vesic

The Exhibition Opening on Friday, January 17, at 6pm, at Hedah Contemporary Art Space, Maastricht features a performance by JVE artist Jan Hoeft. 
The Public Roundtable on Saturday, January 18, 2-5pm,at Hedah Contemporary Art Space, Maastricht, includes talks by Sven Lutticken and Vlidi Jeric and JVE artists.
In preparation for a rich conversation, the group are pre-reading the reference materials in the links below.