Some Profound Misunderstanding at the Heart of What Is 08.01.2014

Some Profound Misunderstanding at the Heart of What Is
Research exhibition curated by the Jan Van Eyck Moving Images of Speculation Inlab, taking place at the Hedah Contemporary Art Space and the Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht

Exhibition January 17 until February 23
Fri-Sat-Sun 1pm - 5pm
Hedah | Sint Nicolaasstraat 7 | Maastricht
Marcel Dickhage | Zachary Formwalt | Jan Hoeft | Julia Kul | Valle Medina | Rachel O’Reilly | Benjamin Reynolds | Cathleen Schuster | Vijai Patchineelam | Jelena Vesic

The Exhibition Opening on Friday, January 17, at 6pm, at Hedah Contemporary Art Space, Maastricht features a performance by JVE artist Jan Hoeft. 
The Public Roundtable on Saturday, January 18, 2-5pm,at Hedah Contemporary Art Space, Maastricht, includes talks by Sven Lutticken and Vlidi Jeric and JVE artists.
In preparation for a rich conversation, the group are pre-reading the reference materials in the links below.
Pre-preparation for the public Roundtable: Intro, Ch1 and 4, Sven Lutticken, History in Motion: Time in the Age of the Moving Image, Sternberg Press, 2013. Anonymous, Speculate This! Duke Uni Press 2003. 
'Moving Images of Speculation' is an artistic research InLab of the Jan Van Eyck Academie exploring contemporary links between post-cinematic form and finance - incorporating readings, screenings, talks, research tours and a research exhibition and roundtable. In 2013-14, the InLab has been taking stock of artists’ approaches to forms and technics of speculative and essayistic practice, in the context of fictional economy. With this focus, the InLab proposes that to track (post-)cinema’s specific comprehension of the speculative at the level of production is to offer up conceptual resources for tarrying quite differently with capital’s logics and affects. The artists and researchers of Moving Images of Speculation aim to think the historicity of contemporary enthusiasms for materiality in much stronger reflexive terms than is often done inside of today’s fine art industries. This exhibition project constructs a shared space of argumentation between artists who sense, stage and diagram local-global aspects of late capitalism’s speculative production processes across performative installation formats.
Local artists, curators, educators, students and producers are very welcome to think with us during every aspect of this event, at the level of artistic production and contemporary economy.

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