Without 18.04.2014

Bea Otto

3 May – 1 June 2014
Opening | Saturday 3 May 18:00h
Finissage | Sunday 1 June 12:00h

Sint Nicolaasstraat 7, Maastricht
Open | Friday - Sunday, 13h - 17h

Bea Otto´s works directly refer to the site. Her laconic and precise interventions question and transform the
space. The borders between interior and exterior are shifted, passages are blocked and openings created.
Threshold situations, paradoxical and ambivalent moments, ruptures develop. Barrenness expands.

A temporary and fragile moment is inherent in the often provisional materials and objects trouvé but is shifted
and located through their precise positioning and processing. The works sway between genuine and artificial,
strange and familiar, place and picture. They describe a transitory space that keeps on moving.